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FX Trading & Payments

Through our partnership with Ebury, which handles domestic & international payments as well as the foreign exchange conversions, we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of FX Products & Services designed to meet your cross-border payments and transactional FX needs.

But Safety First!

Internal Risk Management

Ebury has strict governance and operational processes in place to scrutinise the accuracy of each of their transactions, with appropriate involvement from their Directors. Compliance with Ebury’s governance and processes is regularly audited.

Client Protection

The safety & security of your funds is of paramount importance, and Ebury has taken the required steps to ensure its client funds are held in segregated accounts at Tier 1 banks, entirely separate from their own operating accounts, so client funds are always safeguarded.

Capital Adequacy

The levels of capital requirements are based on Ebury’s level of activity. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reviews Ebury’s capital adequacy on an annual basis.

Foreign Exchange Market Daunting?

Let our Currency & Risk Management professionals support you. When FX markets don't make sense, but crucial decisions need to be made, you can rely upon our expert insight to unravel the chaos into some semblance of order. Our aim is to inform and educate you, so that you come to see us as not just "order takers" like you are used to at most brokers and banks, but as valued business advisors since our unique philosophy is that YOU should benefit and this means that the better we can help you do, the better we all do: win-win!

FX Dealing: Working the Order

We are not "order takers" nor are we "reactive" to exchange rate movements, but rather we actively "work" your foreign exchange order whether it be for Spot, Forwards, or Limit Orders, etc. to maximize profitability. Working an order is where you tell us what you need (amount, currency, time frame) and then rely on the experience, knowledge and skill of your trader or trading team, whom apply a full range of trading techniques, market analysis and foreign exchange products, to "work" the order in the market to actively gain price betterment. At a minimum, we aim to have the order cover the broker/bank's spread and any associated fees/charges to net you a "free" trade. By gaining an understanding and internalizing your specific needs through a consultative approach, we seek to increase the efficacy of your foreign exchange transactions via market timing. We realize you are not glued to a rate screen all day, but we are as we eat, sleep and breathe the markets. Talk about putting your money to work for you!

Limit, OCO & Stop Loss Orders

Currencies can be extremely volatile despite mostly trading in a range and even when trending. Regardless of market movements, Limit, One-Cancels-the-Other and Stop Loss orders can allow us to capture better rates than trading at spot prices to generate higher returns on your foreign exchange deals and at the same time manage risk. The FOREX market trades 24 hrs/day, 5.5 days/week and this 'round-the-clock' trading enables us to take advantage of volatile swings in other time zones. We gauge the probability & extent of a favourable run (and unfavourable as where there is reward, there is risk) in the targeted currency pair via a systematic approach and take under advisement relevant macro factors to enter the Order(s) at a price level(s) that fits your risk tolerance, time frame and needs. Let us help you manage your cash flow and offer trading plans and risk management solutions.

Spot FX & 0% Deposit Forwards

Unlock Your Cash Flow Potential with access to 130+ currencies! Embrace the future of trading with our cutting-edge spot and forward solutions, where innovation meets financial freedom. Seamlessly seize opportunities without tying down your valuable capital - enjoy up to 0% initial margin forwards upon credit approval! Elevate your trading experience and watch your cash flow soar as we empower you to take charge of your financial destiny. Join us now and embark on a journey towards limitless possibilities. Let your profits thrive and dreams thrive, with our game-changing spot and forward offerings.

Online Dealing

Through our partnership with Ebury, you have access to their secure and encrypted online trading and payments platform Ebury Online (EBO) to make your foreign exchange transactions a breeze in a one-stop-shop offering you simplicity, efficiency and convenience to manage your business wherever and whenever needed. The Online Platform (EBO) gives you the ability to transact in the Spot FX market in 130+ currencies, send domestic and international payments, bulk upload payments, with 24/7 access, amongst a multitude of other features designed to make your already busy workday just a little bit easier and more manageable.

Collections & Currency Accounts

Through Ebury, simplify your operations by collecting money globally like a local in 11 currencies (AUD, BGN, CAD, EUR, HKD, CNY (in Hong Kong), GBP, NZD, PLN, USD and SGD) without the need for multiple bank accounts or a local presence. You'll get account details in your own name including an account number and other necessary information to make or receive payments in a given currency, allowing you to collect and hold money in multiple currencies, convert your balances from one currency to another or use them to make payments.

International Payments

Pay suppliers, employees and business partners at home or all over the world, quickly and securely in over 130+ currencies. Whether you want to send one payment or send mass payments, you can trust that your payments will arrive on time, with most currencies arriving on the same day. To make an even great offering better, you can make payments online via the Online Platform, through us—Your Relationship Manager, or via an API integration with your ERP or TMS.

Make your money matter by simplifying cross-border payments and eliminating excessive fees

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